Our place
At the Good Shepherd
grandmothers' cuisine
in the heart of nature
home of the native Wallachian sheep
with bread and salt
19. 11. 2018
Zeleninová polievka s mrveničkou, domáci chlieb
1.Zapekané kuracie kúsky so smotanou a syrom s provensálskym korením, zelerové pyré
2.Dukátové buchtičky s vanilkovým krémom a kvapkou rumu
Our restaurant is open from 10:00 to 21:00. We cook to 20:30.
Old Koliba

Wood and stone - the basic natural building materials of our fathers and grandfathers used in construction of the Koliba at the Good Shepherd provide our first koliba restaurant with a distinctive charm. The stylish and sophisticated interior enhances the feeling of entering an ancient Liptov room of the village of our great-grandparents.


Richtár(a reeve) and his wife  Richtárka played the most important roles in the village. In our village, At the Good Shepherd, it is the same. The Richtárka koliba proudly fulfills its mission and brings the atmosphere of a stylish, traditional kitchen of the wooden house of Liptov. This kitchen welcomes its guests with delicious food and good drinks.

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