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Special thanks to your staff
Dear staff of U Dobrého Pastiera, On tuesday 25 April I have visited your beautiful restaurant with my tour gide Lucia and my group members. I left accidentally my hiking hat and you’ve kept it for me. My tourgide picked it up for me and so I have my hat back. I want you to thank you for helping and keeping my hat save. I also have special thanks to your lovely staff members. I’m interested in the folk culture of all the lands of Europe and of course your country belongs to that. Your staff were so friendly and enthusiastic to stand with me on the photos which my tourgide made, because your staff were wearing the typical clothes of your country. I have added some of the photos in the appendices. I would really appreciate if you give my thanks to them and showing them the photos. One photo is of the group members including me, so I hope you will recognize. So, many thanks and I wish you all the luck with your restaurant. I hope I will come back one time to visit you once again. Bye bye and a lot of greeting from the Netherlands
Eduard Saelmans
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Absolutely amazing accommodation
Absolutely amazing accommodation in your Koliba. We all enjoyed our stay and the great staff with 120% satisfaction. We even appreciated the warmth that was at our disposal after arrival from the slopes. Great and especially tasty cuisine. Simply said, our holiday was as good as it gets:-) I highly recommend and promise that we it was not our last visit here, next year we will definitely come back and we look forward to the newly opened wellness centre:-) Thank you to all the staff of Koliba!!!
Lenka Berkusová
Thank you for a pleasant stay
Thank you for a pleasant stay in your kolibka, as well as for your cuisine, and nice staff. I hope you have many more satisfied customers :)
Tomas Gera
Culinary experience
On Thursday, we stopped by to have dinner with our family. Beautiful atmosphere, great meals, as one would say - a great culinary experience. Children loved it , and left their plates empty. I highly recommend. Best regards, and I hope we stop by again soon.
Robo s rodinou
This will definitely not be our last time here
We stopped by at the Koliba for lunch. This was one of the most beautiful experiences during this long weekend in Ružomberok. Beautiful surroundings, great restaurant and delicious food. Super staff. It was simply beautiful. This will definitely not be our last time here.
Alena + Martin + Nica
We will definitely visit you again
Well, this weekend was fantastic. Koliba and beautiful surroundings, great accommodation, amazing food and the best staff in the world, especially the receptionist Zuzka. Thank you to all your staff for a great weekend. We will definitely visit you again :)
r. Kučmová
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